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Dr. Shukla Diagnostic centre deals testing lipid profile test by collection of and processing of blood. Dr. Shukla Pathlabs is one of the best Lipid Test Lab in Patna.

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Lipid Test Lab In Patna Or Lipid Panel Test

Dr. Shukla Pathlabs diagnostic centre in Patna has a team of trained phlebotomist, pathologist and lab assistants to help you get error free Lipid Profile test results within a limited period of time. We conduct different kinds of tests like iron profile test, viral maker, thyroid profile test, lipid profile test, liver function tests, etc. you will raerly find a lipid test lab as good as us in Patna.

A lipid profile test also referred to as lipid panel is a complete package of cholesterol tests to identify some genetic diseases. This is a panel of tests that measures cholesterol and other fat molecules in your blood. Higher concentration of lipid profiles in your blood alarms you of cardiovascular diseases.

Lipid Panel Test Included At Dr. Shukla Pathlabs

Total cholesterol: This is a combination of LDL-C, VDL-C and HDL-C or it is better to say it measures your complete cholesterol level.

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol: LDL-C is also referred to as bad cholesterol and is responsible for cardiovascular diseases.

Triglycerides: It is a type of fat that we get from the food recently taken. Excessive amount of triglycerides in your blood alarms you of pancreatic inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. 

Total cholesterol: This is a combination of LDL-C, VDL-C and HDL-C or it is better to say it measures your complete cholesterol level.

Lipid Profile Test For Children

Children can also have high cholesterol levels, and it is mentioned above that doctors may recommend lipid profile tests if you are suffering from obesity.

Cholesterol level in children increases because of three factors namely improper diet, heredity and obesity. If your parent is a holder of high cholesterol level then you too may face the same. But regular health checkups alarms you of upcoming diseases. For quick tests and error free results, you can contact professionals of Dr. Shukla Pathlabs one of the best in Lipid Test Lab in Patna.

You can opt for the home sample collection facility for lipid panel testing at Dr. Shukla Pathlabs & Diagnostic centre. This gives you an advantage of remaining at the comfort of your home. Phlebotomists will reach your doorsteps with all the essential equipment needed for blood testing from. Test results will be sent by email, post, whatsapp or any other possible means within a day or two.

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Lipid Profile Test In Patna

Book a lipid panel test or cholesterol test in one of the best lipid test lab in Patna if recommended by your doctors to diagnosis other cardiovascular disease. Contact us for any query.

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